Intro Blog – Danielle

A little bit about me (Danielle).

I have worked here at Drivers for just over two years. In that time some of you may have come across me and my specific interests.

Firstly, I have a love for owls, not any old owl just ones with tufts. If they don’t have tufts then I’m not interested. I don’t get visitors at home anymore because they get freaked out by all the pairs of eyes staring at them when they enter.

I have somewhat unique views on the existence of human beings – I won’t delve to much deeper as to preserve the reputation of our company. However, just to give you a small insight it involves lizards, aliens and us having wings and tails.

Secondly, between the months of September and January when I’m not at work you will find me in the New Forest photographing all forms of mushrooms and fungi. I have a collection of over 5000 photos and I often hunt for rare species (not the magic ones if that’s what you’re thinking).

Thirdly, I am partial to a heated political debate (obviously outside of working hours) and I think Margaret Thatcher was a great woman, greater than any of the men that have followed after her.

Overall I’m a thinker – not really a drinker, though I have been known to drink one Pimms too many at the staff Christmas party!

I am not going to leave you with a lasting image this time but please keep your eyes peeled and in a few days I’ll be posting one of my finest mushroom snaps on Facebook.

See you all around!